Ending The Opioid Crisis


The CDC has been tracking the opioid crisis since the 1990s. The rise of synthetic opioids -  specifically those involving illicitly manufactured fentanyl and its analogues – has doubled deaths in Americans under 50 years old since the late 2010s. The market for illicitly manufactured fentanyl continues  to change, and it can be found in combination with heroin, counterfeit pills, and cocaine.

The Eric Chase Foundation was founded in Eric Bolling's late son’s memory. The Foundation’s mission is to build awareness and share educational messaging with Americans about the severity of the opioid epidemic.

Educating and Empowering


The White House declared the opioid epidemic a national public health crisis in 2017. This led to the largest piece of legislative support for the crisis, the SUPPORT Act. Since then, $6 billion in grants to fight the crisis have been deployed and The Eric Chase Foundation continues to partner with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The former Director of ONDCP, Jim Carroll, and the former Acting Administrator of the DEA, Uttam Dhillion, are actively working with ECF to save lives.


According to Candid (FKA Guidestar), a national nonprofit database, more than 12,000 nonprofits work to aid individuals and families struggling with addiction. Many of these organizations are small and unknown. The Eric Chase Foundation’s media network highlights the work these nonprofits do around the nation, expanding their reach and building more support for policy change.


The Eric Chase Foundation, in partnership with leaders across business, government, health care, media, and nonprofits, deliver data-filled, opioid educational programming for all audiences. Our dollars solely focus on presenting sustainable media productions to help families, individuals, schools, and organizations get real resources and support for opioid addiction.

Human Trafficking

The Eric Chase Foundation recognizes the link between drug and child trafficking, and we are focusing on combatting child trafficking by creating awareness through PSA’s and short films. 

Child trafficking is a violation of one’s human rights and a serious crime that compromises national and economic security. It undermines the rule of law and seriously harms the well-being of individuals and communities everywhere. 

In partnership with Goya Cares, the Eric Chase Foundation is launching a coalition to rescue, rehabilitate, and reunite young victims of human and drug trafficking. Human trafficking and drug trafficking are inextricably linked, as child traffickers often use drugs as a means to lure and then control their victims. 

Trafficking is a crime of exploitation; traffickers profit at the expense of their victims by manipulating or forcing them into performing labor or engaging in commercial sex, often by drugging their victims.

In 2016, the International Organization for Migration reported that at any given time, an estimated 24 million people worldwide were in forced labor or were victims of sexual exploitation as a result of human trafficking. The DEA reports about 25% of survivors struggle with opioid addiction.

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